Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The First 40 Pounds Is The Easy Part...

I have to write something.  Isn't that the root cause of all writer's block?  That terrible feeling that you have to write something, but you can't get it out.  I'm going to give this a valiant effort.

Wish me luck!

I have so many things to be happy about.  Why don't I just write about that?

First and foremost, my best friend who was critically ill and in the hospital for 75 days is now home and nearly fully recovered.  I am so grateful that he is alive and will soon be 100% back to normal.  It's such a strange feeling to think of someone so young and healthy being so deathly ill.

Dominik told me last week that his priorities are now completely shifted after this incident.  I want to point out that Dominik did not have his priorities very out of place before this happened... at least not any more than we all do.  Everybody refocuses their life after a near-death experience.  Most people talk about putting their friends and family above their career, and being more in touch with what they really want in life.  Dominik told me all that, but he also said that right now his first priority is his health.  He is not going to take it for granted anymore.

We should all be more aware of our health.  If you're in good health, don't take it for granted.  If you can do something to improve your health, do it!  Even small steps are better than no steps (or steps in the wrong direction).

I couldn't be more happy with my career at the moment.  Things are busier than ever, but everything is going great!  We had a great first year on our own in 2014.  We are making even more progress so far in 2015.  We won an ACM Award!  I'm getting opportunities to perform stand-up comedy.  I couldn't be happier with that aspect of my life.

Oh, and I met Reba today!


I heard from an old friend this week that I haven't spoken to in several years.  We had a wonderful phone conversation and we're getting together in Dallas next month.  I'm so glad we were able to reconnect.

My little girl just turned 6.  She is absolutely adorable.  She's turning out to be a really cool kid too!

Dating is...


Maybe we should skip talking about women completely...

Let's just say that things are definitely NOT going as well in my personal life as they are in my career.  We'll just leave it at that for now.

Now that it's not freezing, dark, and iced over, maybe I'll be able to get out and walk a lot more.  That's certainly been the case lately.  I'm feeling very good about the next few months of this mission.  Slow and steady is nice, but I'd prefer a little less slow...

I can this though.  It has been easier to stick with moderate dieting.  I haven't done anything drastic and I haven't had a lot of bad days in the last five months.  I don't always feel deprived and I don't have a lot of urges to binge.  The urges are still there, but not nearly as bad as with every other diet in the past.

Maybe that's the secret after all.

I still have a LONG way to go, and I'm ready to pick up the pace, but I'm determined not to burn out.

* * *

Over the last two weeks, I averaged about 2650 calories per day.  I lost 0.8 pounds.

I have lost 40.2 pounds total (in 161 days).

Bonus pic!  Me and Reba!  Best Saint Patricks Day EVER!
Reba McEntire pinched me for not wearing green. Totally worth it.


  1. I think you are doing great with your weight loss. I appreciate the update on Dominik. Thankful for answered prayers. Keep up the good work.

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